Online Booking: 

Saving You Time & Money

Save valuable staff time, reduce no-shows, improve patient access, align to your clinical workflows, and improve patient outcomes with a simple and secure online appointment booking solution that seamlessly integrates with your EMR.

Compliment Your Clinical Workflow

Customizable to meet the needs of your clinic’s unique workflow. Create different appointment types, lengths & groupings for any and all services (i.e. vaccinations, diagnostic tests, medical consultations, walk-in visits, physical exams, etc); make visits more more efficient with forms and email reminders; share secure information across networks and providers; set individual customizations and preferences for each doctor or team within a clinic, and sync everyone’s schedule in one place. 

Trusted by primary care physicians, pharmacists, medical clinics, public health clinics, and patients since 2012

Designed From A System Perspective: Save Time & Energy With EMR Integrations

Our patient navigation & booking system uniquely integrates across all types of practices along a patient's journey (primary care, specialty clinics, pharmacy, public health, allied health) and EMR software systems (OSCAR, Telus PS Suite, Accuro / QHR, etc). EMR integration allows your team to maintain your traditional workflows to manage appointments.

Improve the Health and Happiness of Your Patients 

In the age of patient-centered care and digital-first experiences, health clinics must focus on creating seamless and satisfying patient experiences. This is made possible through timely appointment access. When patients get appointments in the right place, at the right time, with a consistent healthcare provider and through the channel they choose, they feel more empowered throughout their health journey. 

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Essential Guide to Patient Self-Scheduling for Medical Practices

Help Canada Conquer Vaccine-Preventable Diseases  

Canada can conquer vaccine-preventable diseases with your help. To accomplish this, we need to help make it easier for Canadians to find & receive vaccinations in a timely fashion to support clinical recommendations and immunization schedule compliance.

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Some of EMPOWER Health's other initiatives:

Connects patients with healthcare providers all over Canada.

Canada's COVID-19 Navigator. 

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Helps patients find healthcare during holidays.

A nationwide flu shot locator
(2016 - 2021)

COVID-19 tracking map for Long Term Care Homes in Canada.


A questionnaire for general public to determine risks associated with visits 


In a partnership with Ryerson University, National Institute of Ageing (NIA) 


"The EMPOWER Health Team has been exemplary since we contracted them to create an appointment system for our COVID-19 vaccinations pilot project. Their online appointment booking software is dependable, easy to learn and administer. Most importantly, their client service and support is stellar." 

Roxanne C
Pharmacy Manager
Whole Health - The Healing Source Pharmacy 

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Free Up Administrative Staff 

Reduce call volume during peak booking times, fill last minute appointment availabilities, book more appointments, and grow your practice without increasing the amount of time staff spend in calls.

Reducing incoming calls, time spent managing appointments and scheduling errors means that staff have more time to focus on other important activities like patient referrals, follow-ups and delivering high-quality patient experiences. 

Fill Provider Schedules 

Online scheduling goes beyond just reducing call volumes and optimizing staff time. Every time a patient cancels or reschedules an appointment, a health clinic loses money. Research shows that patients who schedule their own appointments are more likely to show-up and achieve their unique health goals. 

Automating the appointment booking process takes the administration burden off clinical teams, improves outcomes for patients, and produces notable cost-savings for clinicians.    

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